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The Professional Development Center is devoted to the professional development of lawyers and is sponsored by FindLaw and the Center for Professional Development in the Law, which provides confidential individual advice, coaching, and guidance in person and over the telephone to the lawyer considering moving from his or her present position.

The dissatisfaction of so many lawyers with their careers dramatizes the need to focus on a process which enables them, by seeking positions consistent with their personal values and professional goals, to achieve professional satisfaction.

Listed below are articles written by Ronald W. Fox, Esquire and Mark L. Byers, Ph.D. To understand the process and the steps a lawyer needs to take to make a thoughtful transition, we recommend that the articles be read in order.

We also invite you to read the articles by our Guest Columnists, Terri Lynn Eberle, Thane J. Messinger, Paul M. Bunge, and Kathy Morris.

A brief description of the articles can be found in The Columns.

The Columns

Editors Column

Look at Your Present Situation. Are You Dissatisfied? What Are the Causes? What is Important to You? Your Interests, Goals, Values and Skills Exploring Your Options and Choosing a Direction Essays on Satisfaction Taking Action: Searching For and Accepting a Position For Law Students and Those Considering Law School
Guest Column: A Lawyer and a Person

Guest Column: Your First Years as a Lawyer

Guest Column: Fifteen Rules for Winning as a Junior Associate

Guest Column: Here's the Big Picture on Changing Jobs

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